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Jeff Smith, affectionately known as "The KPI Guy" harnesses the power of the world's Top Achievers and shares their little-known Trade Secrets with you so you can implement them quickly and easily into your own business to get the results you deserve in the fastest possible time.  

There's no greater feeling in business than when everything is running smoothly, everyone knows what they're doing and your profits are reaching and exceeding all their targets, but sadly that doesn't always happen. One of the biggest problems in creating an effective business strategy is that there’s so much bad information out there. How do you know what the good information is and how do you know which are the right key performance indicators for you to use in your company to get the results you want?

Leaders in business constantly strive to make a positive difference, but if the right components are not included in the strategy, they soon encounter stormy weather and a bumpy ride ahead of them.

  • Focussing on the wrong KPI causes too much change in the organisation and is a major factor for staff discontent
  • High performing teams become fragmented and lose their focus and direction, some even lose heart.
  • Change becomes the enemy of the company and some staff actively try to resist it
  • Leaders become frustrated, feel lost and alone
  • Costs go up and profit comes down

It's really no surprise that many skilful leaders feel exhausted, frustrated and don't know what to do for the best. 

With over 30 years of experience in creating successful business strategies, Jeff Smith knows first hand exactly what it takes to guide business leaders to success in the most difficult and challenging of situations.


The KPI Guy accepting a standing ovation from an audience in The Middle East

Affectionately known as "The KPI Guy", Jeff Smith is cited as being the most successful author of all time
on key performance indicators and business strategy. His speciality is guiding business leaders

all over the world to develop and implement effective strategies that get results.

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"Our people left the meeting with not only a better understanding, but also a much better appreciation of the topic and its value to their business. Jeff Smith single handedly drove this highly desirable end-result for our organization. Beyond this very positive end-result however, there is more... Jeff was easy to work with and extremely understanding of our needs and the outcome we desired."

In my book, it simply doesn't get any better. Would we hire Jeff again? Absolutely!

Tom Clevinger
Board of Management - DAF Trucks
Managing Director - PACCAR Parts Europe - A Fortune 200 multi-national company


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